NSL emerged in late 2016 as a band with a mission to revive classic rock n’ roll from the 1970’s coupled with a progressive alternative power-rock vibe. With influences from Deep Purple to Stone Temple Pilots, NSL’s set list includes all original music and lyrics. NSL is comprised of the original San Diego Punk, Mod, and Ska beach area band, “The Imports.” Members include: 

Sean Green - Lead Vocals: The Imports, Tel Aviv, Fire Choir. Robbie Myers - Guitars: The Imports, Slo Ponies, The Fabulous Rudy’s, The Voices. B.L. Firks II - Bass: The Imports, Tel Aviv, Frank Ojibway and the Crustaceans, Faces of Drama, Wormdrive, Burning Hands, Sylvia Juncosa Band, Taz Taylor, Shot out Hoods, 16. John Polhamus - Keyboards and Synthesizers: The Imports, Frank Ojibway and the Crustaceans, San Diego Opera, Musical Theater London. Chris Frye - Drums, Keys, BU Voc, Prod: The Imports, Frank Ojibway and the Crustaceans, Wormdrive, FishWife, CrashWorship, Sylvia Juncosa Band.

Other inspirations include: David Bowie, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Scorpions, Blue Oyster Cult, Traffic, Thin Lizzy, Creedence Clearwater Revival , Bad Company, Foreigner, Lou Reed, Steve Miller, Boston, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Heart, Journey, Kiss, Ramones, The Cars, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Queen, Cream, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, The Clash, The Police, AC/DC, The Doors, Black Sabbath, James Brown & The Who.